Simple, efficient, affordable & Powerful ERP


Complete Information of Student from Admission to TC.

Student detail

Summarized report of students for complete school.


Student attendance management simplified.


Automated messaging services for various announcements and events.


A comprehensive examination module for marks entry, grades.


Maintains complete track of all the accounts for fees paid of all the students for different courses across the school.

Hostel Management

Allows you to manage all the school hostels efficiently.

Manage Institution & Board

Allows you manage institution and board details.

Manage Class & Course Module

Allows you to manage all the class and course details efficiently.

Certificate Module

Certificate Generation allows you to generate certificates for school students easily and without any effort.

Reports Module

The reports module gives you the benefit of being able to customize and define reports from a range of criteria.

Manage User

Multiple users can be managed of the same school.

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